Kim is known as a public speaker, researcher of human potential, personal development coach and a YouTuber.

Kim is known as a public speaker, researcher of human potential, personal development coach and a YouTuber.

Go to college, find a job, work hard, pay taxes, get married, have children, try to survive, follow the rules, retire, die. There must be something more than this. About this life. About who we really are.

I’ve had this feeling since I was born.  Something inside me was screaming and craving for the Truth.  For more. I want to be happy, I want to be free, I want to LIVE!! Scientists think that the biggest secret and miracle is the universe, but it is not.
We are. We are the secret 😉

Kim was born in Slovenia and began her career after many positive reactions and people noticing her work.  She has become an inspiration and example for many people. Following a partnership with YouTube, her brand started growing.

 »Why did I decide to help others? Because I discovered something I cannot hold for myself anymore. It is stronger than me. And there is no better feeling than seeing people smile and that gratitude in their eyes. When you help others, you heal your soul, you heal the world…

…My mission is to help people to transform their pain into strength, release their inner power, achieve their full potential and fall in love with life again. My goal is to change millions of lives and to start a global movement. I want to leave something behind…« she says.

Her biggest passion is everything related to self-growth. She has always been fascinated by how the mind works. Reprogramming our subconscious mind for success in all areas, achieving everything we want in life. She has spent 3 years observing and analysing how it works, all its programs, tricks and hacks, claiming it’s very limited.

In her work she likes to combine different techniques and approaches, always searching for fast and effective solutions. Covering areas, such as psychology, psychosynthesis, psychotherapy, NLP, hypnosis, shadow work by Carl Young; mixing it up with her own techniques. In the past she also had many amazing mentors to learn from. She was awarded the certificate of neuro-linguistic programming at Master Mind Academy, signed by Richard Baddler.

She also took part in acting, dancing and singing classes, yoga, public speaking, management and leadership programs, Landmark Forum, and many more. Her big obsession is also going on adventures, exploring ancient secrets and mysteries. During the winter she works as a ski instructor.

»There is something that goes beyond the mind, the real You. It’s commonly known we only use around 4-7% of our brain capacity. Now imagine what would happen if you could unlock 100% of your brain & become its master!«

My weakness is an extreme thirst for knowledge! I usually spend my days in books, attending workshops, seminars, working on myself. Yeah, I’m a bit nerdy. Learning is a never-ending process. I’m very into self-education. My moto is:

Never stop learning, never stop growing!

My Success Story

My life was not all roses. Actually, I went through things I wouldn’t wish on anyone. My passion was born from a deep pain. Nothing was going right. Everything around me was falling apart. No social life. Bullying. Health problems. I didn’t know who I was, what to do with my life, what’s my life purpose, what I like or want. I felt lost. Confused. Empty. Emotionally stressed and burned out. I experienced low self-esteem. Anxiety. Depression. You name it…

But after I discovered the »secret« everything changed for the better! My life was no longer the same. I was no longer the same! I can truly say that this saved my life in every possible way.

As having a very scientific and sceptical mind, I’m still trying to explain what happened but I can’t. I believe it’s true magic. Something our limited 3D brain will never be able to comprehend. Something bigger than ourselves.

Looking back now, I’ve made such a big transition. Even I can’t believe it. All the stones in my life have transformed into gold. My biggest pain was actually my greatest gift.